Intemperance is a digital archive created by Hannah Griggs. This project initially began as a Neatline exhibit for a graduate seminar on the Digital Humanities. Originally titled "The Cradle of Civilized Drinking," the exhibit aimed to map cocktail culture in New Orleans from the end of Reconstruction to the repeal of 18th Amendment (roughly 1875 to 1933). The project has since evolved into a digital repository for Prohibition raids in New Orleans.

The goal of Intemperance is to bring this data to life in new and interesting ways. It not only aims to show the ways in which New Orleanians consumed alcohol (and, more broadly, how Southerners drink), but also to show how drinking and cocktail culture continues to be a significant and rich cultural institution.  

The map is currently on display at The Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans and was recently feautured in New Orleans & Me and Cocktail History Podcast.


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Index page image: New Orleans circa 1907. "The Rex pageant, Mardi Gras." Panorama of two 8x10 glass plates, Detroit Publishing. Via Shorpy.

This project would not have been possible by Anna Kijas, the Digital Scholarship Librarian at Boston College, Paul Vierthaler, the libraries at Boston College and Loyola University New Orleans.