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Prohibition Raids

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Prohibition Raids

Items in the Prohibition Raids Collection

137 North Basin Street. “The illegal liquor was found under the stairway and beneath a false flooring on the second floor, according to the officers.”

939 Decatur Street Nine years later Quintella was arrested for selling liquor at Rex Coffee Shop, another cafe he owned.

401 Bourbon Street

3225 Canal Street. Rex Coffee Shop was raided by Prohibition agents in 1929. A year later the it was given the right to reopen again. There are no more records of the Rex Coffee Shop after 1931.

5026 Chartres Street

840 Burgundy Street “Thirty-two jugs of red wine were seized. Pisciotta declared that he was ignorant of their existence.” He was caught selling liquor again in 1921.

1427 Poydras Street Owned by Martin Speracino. “...three barrels of wine, a great deal of brandy, and other aids to the thirsty, were seized.”

1411 Poydras Street “Barnes is said to have kept books on his trade and to have had charge accounts and a cash register.”

1518 Canal Street “Armed with two search warrant, the officers entered the home of Otto Kizeler, a retired jeweler, of 1518 Canal Street. They claim to have found liquor in every part of the house except the front room. Some jugs of alcohol were in…

408 St. Charles Avenue “More than 10,000 persons in New Orleans are said to be guilty of having violated the eighteenth amendment by manufacturing beer in their homes alleged to have been purchased from the Tropical Food Products Company.” The…